Crypto is famous for its time-warping speed. We’ve all heard it said that a month in Crypto is like a year in normal time.

In that spirit, we’ve decided to share our progress with you every month in one place, so it’s easy to track. We’ll cover the major milestones hit, the super partners we’ve made and so on.

Saddle in, this is going to be one hell of a ride! Here is our Progress Recap for the month of November (and some bits from before😋.)

The major milestones we hit were:

Close of $1 Million USD Funding Round

Mid-October we officially closed our Funding Round for which we were supported by stalwarts such as AU21, O1EX, GenBlocks, TRG Capital, Alphabit Fund, Lotus Capital and MoonRock Capital.

We also found ourselves backed by incredible advisors like David Atkinson and Andrey Shirben.

We were insanely oversubscribed for our funding, with requests for $8 Million USD.
Read more here.

Launch of Exclusive Public Round

In keeping with our plan to keep a very low market cap at TGE, we opened up a small round for our community for $15,000.

The OpenDeFi Community Round was held with absolute transparency in a raffle format.

Find details here.

Launch of the OpenDeFi Ambassador Program

Community is at the core of our vision for OroPocket, and the OpenDeFi Ambassador Program was announced to much furore and incredible participation.

Read more and learn how to apply here.

OpenDeFi Token $ORO Listing on Uniswap

This was the first time $ORO was made publicly available, and staying true to the vision of decentralization, we decided to first list the token on Uniswap.

The listing was slated for 11 November, 2020 and as the day arrived, the now infamous Ethereum Major Outage occurred because of a split in the chain.

We ensured all hands were on deck, and provided updates every 15 minutes.

As the situation developed, it became clear this was a major outage, and instead of leaving our community waiting, we decided to reschedule.

Throughout all this, we received immense support and your trust in us made us proud.

The new $ORO Listing Date was announced to be the 13 November, 2020.

$15.4 Million USD were traded in the first day with less than $2 Million in market cap.

DexTools Scored us 99/100!

We are scored at 99/100 on DexTools.

We were the Hot Pair for >48 Hours!

We are scored at 99/100 on DexTools.

Partnership Announcements

We announced a flurry of partnerships in our endeavour to build and enlarge the DeFi ecosystem as a whole.

Here are some of our amazing partners:

Partnership with Frontier

A major moment was a partnership with DeFi aggregator Frontier for ease of use and greater user adoption.

Partnership with DFinance

Dfinance High-Level-Language (HLL) allows people to create a variety of DeFi instruments and products without coding, and has been called “Wix for DeFi”.

The grand vision is a flat blockchain ecosystem with easy flow of value between different blockchains, allowing for a truly DeFi economy to rise.

Read further about our strategic alliance with DFinance.

OroPocket Announces First Gold-backed Token on the Tezos Chain

Oropocket tapped blockchain consulting firm TZ APAC to advise them on their Asia business strategy using the Tezos blockchain.

Teaming Up with Unilend

UniLend is a permission-less decentralized protocol that combines spot trading services and money markets with lending and services through smart contracts.

OpenDeFi users can access borrowing and lending with the assets they have invested in, and UniLend users can utilise OpenDeFi’s array of real world assets to do the same with.

Read more here.

Partnered with Razor Network for Decentralized Oracle

This partnership between OpenDeFi and Razor Network effectively makes OpenDeFi a truly DeFi platform—which has been our focus from day one. Leveraging the real world asset classes that OpenDeFi provides and next gen oracle systems from Razor Network, we continue our joint work of bridging the gap between traditional finance and DeFi.

Joined TradeDog’s TDeFi Accelerator

TDeFi is the world’s first virtual accelerator specifically investing in moonshot ideas in the DeFi space.

The program only onboards projects who want to disrupt the status quo and not just survive but thrive for years to come and truly be “game-changers” in their respective fields. To be part of this elite group is a strong signal that OpenDeFi is being seen as a stable project for the future.

Partnered with Shyft Network for World Class Security

Shyft Network is a public blockchain protocol that facilitates the bridging of data across existing data ecosystems.

Working along with Shyft, we will be able to offer stellar data attestation and on chain KYC to build on the vision to expand the DeFi space itself by attracting institutional investors to the network.

Joined Forces with Centaur

Centaur is a DeFi solutions provider working to find the perfect balance between the trust less and free nature of Decentralisation and the investor safety that comes with regulatory control.

Via this partnership, an expansion of horizons for users of both OroPocket and Centaur comes into play: find details here.

LiveCoinWatch Adds ORO

Find $ORO on LiveCoinWatch.

ORO Listed on CoinGecko

Investors can now track $ORO on CoinGecko.

CoinMarketCap Lists ORO

Track $ORO on CoinMarketCap here.

Community Updates

First Ambassador Call with Founders and Team

Crossed 12k Followers on Twitter

So far this has been an amazing ride, and the entire team here at OpenDeFi by OroPocket could not be more thankful for our community’s support.

Thank you so much. Onwards and upwards!