As December and 2020 came to a close, we’ve all had a chance to look back.

Many milestones were hit, and 2021 is already well underway. We can all look back at the marvellous work done and take pride that we’ve grown so much together.

In the same spirit, here is our Progress Recap for December 2020.

ORO Added to Blockfolio

ORO is now on Blockfolio. Check us out!

OpenDeFi Token $ORO Listed on BitMax

After doing $15.4 Million USD volume in the first 24 hours upon listing on Uniswap, our first CEX listing was on BitMax.

$ORO was listed on BitMax on Friday, 4 December 2020 at 10 AM EST | 8.30 PM IST.

The trading pair was ORO/USDT.

Trading Competition, Bounty Event To Celebrate $ORO Listing On BitMax Exchange

To celebrate $ORO listing on BitMax, we held a fun Trading Competition as well as a Bounty Event with Locked Airdrop.

Read more here and here.

Strategic Partnership With Bitbns

OpenDeFi entered a long term strategic partnership with one of India’s top exchanges, Bitbns.

This is a comprehensive long-term alliance—details here.

$ORO Listed on Hotbit Exchange

$ORO was listed on Hotbit Exchange with trading pairs of ORO/USDT and ORO/BTC.

Trading started December 11, 2020 at 09:00 AM UTC.

Find us on Hotbit here!

We are live on: Uniswap, BitMax, Hotbit, Gx and Bilaxy.

Became First Project Ever to Launch on Bitbns Ascent Platform

As part of OpenDeFi’s strategic alliance with India’s premier exchange Bitbns, we did a market price sale of $ORO, being the first project to do so.

160k $ORO were SOLD OUT in TWO HOURS!

OpenDeFi $ORO Listing on Bitbns in First Ever INR pair

After selling out 160,000 $ORO tokens in TWO hours during our launch on Ascent, $ORO listed on Bitbns in our first listing in an INR/ORO pair!

Partnership Announcements

Teaming Up With Covalent to Usher Unparalleled Transparency

Covalent provides a unified API to bring full transparency and visibility to assets across all blockchain networks.

This partnership is seamless and entirely natural as what we do with assets, Covalent does with Blockchain data. OpenDeFi is pioneering cross-chain flow of value via real world assets, and a partner like Covalent allows us to get data about these highly complex movements and operations in a collated manner.

Through this partnership, OpenDeFi aims to provide users with even better data analytics and transparency. OpenDeFi COO Tarusha Mittal elaborated: “We are partnering with Covalent to bring in their stellar data indexing APIs for fetching, keeping historical data and ensuring that OpenDeFi is an enabler for cross chain value creation.”

Read more here.

OpenDeFi Integrated Chainlink Oracle for Gold and Silver Price Feeds

OpenDeFi by OroPocket announced the integration of Chainlink Oracles for the price updation of our real world assets.

About deploying Chainlink Oracle on OpenDefi, our COO Tarusha Mittal had insightful things to say: “Chainlink as a project has been one of the most trusted in the space for a while now, and we couldn’t be more excited to work with them.”

Read more here.

Partnership with Elrond To Build a New Internet Economy

Elrond and OpenDeFi have a common vision to build a new internet economy and to facilitate decentralised flow of value.

With this partnership wrapped asset backed tokens will be available over Elrond along with real world assets. Our collaboration will aim to explore newer innovative features over time.

Read further.

Launch of OpenDeFi Alpha Testers Program—ORO Pioneers

With our OpenDeFi testnet launch approaching, we set out to assemble a band of experts to help refine our product.

We launched the ORO Pioneers to help not only find bugs and make OroPocket better but also to be part of the OpenDeFi movement for the long run.

We had an overwhelming response.

In 24 hours of opening entries, we had 7200+ applications!

OpenDeFi Testnet Launch

After the insane response to the ORO Pioneers, we announced that our Testnet would be coming on 31st December, 2020!

For a detailed look into the features made available in OpenDeFi’s Testnet, read more here.

Ambassador Program Completed First Month

The OpenDeFi Ambassador Program completed its first month, and we had another one of our amazing Ambassador Meetup calls.

Held a Fun OroPocket Meme Competition

To celebrate holiday festivities we held a fun meme making competition around the theme of Christmas and New Years’.

The winning memes were hilarious!

Crossed 18.4K Followers on Twitter

$ORO Listed on ChangeNOW

$ORO can now be purchased from ChangeNOW.

$ORO Listed on SwapSwop

We are now available on

Held A Christmas Campaign with Extra Offers for Users

To add to the festive cheer, we had special offers for both New and Existing Users.

You can even send a gift of Real Gold/Silver to your loved ones anywhere in the world in seconds!

Started Campaign To Help Users Keep Their New Year Resolutions and Automate Wealth

The aim of OroPocket is financial freedom for all.

And in this spirit, we have made a method where you can drop a bad habit with us, and invest the money you would have wasted on it to automatically grow your wealth instead—with a simple SIP!

As we enter the New Year, the entire team here at OpenDeFi by OroPocket is so very thankful for our community’s support. 

Thank you so much. Here’s to 2021!