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Silver Investments: On the Way to Be the Next GameStop

Silver has recently got in the spotlight for possibly becoming the next GameStop. On February 1, 2021, Silver was reported to be surging as much as 13% touching five-month highs. It all started with an infamous Reddit Group who called for short squeezing GameStop stocks, which ultimately resulted in the stocks’ skyrocketing. This time, the same group is calling for Short Squeezing the Silver Bullion market. And just after the statement, the metal asset has already started making its way upwards.

Is Silver a Good Investment?

Silver is on the move! According to TradingView, the prices of Silver gapped above the $28 level, which is a very bullish sign after a long time. Silver is sure to touch $33 in a few days and $50 in a few weeks if the momentum continues, exceptions notwithstanding. This makes it a fabulous time for investors to put money in Silver. Here are some more reasons for you to make silver investments.

1. Ultimate Form of Money: Silver Investments

Silver is real money since it can’t be created out of thin air. It is a store of value. If you have Silver, you have no default risk. Besides, it has revalued itself since time immemorial. It is not only used for making jewelry and other articles but also, has a very high industrial use. So, even if other assets may be losing value because of economic, social, or political downturns, silver will always hold on to its value.

2. Hard Asset: Silver Investments

Out of all assets, whether it is currency creation, digital trading, or paper profits, Silver stands in contrast as one of few assets which can be carried anywhere across the globe. In fact, there has been an impressive history of silver, along with other precious metals, being used as a currency in countries around the world. Also, keeping in mind, the current market conditions where digital payment methods are replacing paper-based money and fiat money is likely to lose its value in 5-10 upcoming years, silver will be the future money, being an ever-lasting store of value.

3. Outperforming Asset: Silver Investments

As discussed above, Silver is currently in a bullish mood and is expected to continue in the same direction. There’ve been instances when Silver has soared much faster than Gold when it turns bullish. Due to the current economic conditions created by the worldwide pandemic, more people are turning to silver to protect their money. In addition to this, silver has proven to be the best asset when it comes to protecting your money during inflation and other market downturns.

4. Growing Global Demand: Silver Investments

Needless to say the growing demand for the two metal assets, Gold and Silver. They’ve got an ancient history of having so much value worldwide. Silver has been massively growing in demand after the Reddit-Raiders have called short squeezing its bullion market. Countries like China have stuck to the silver standards for more than 2000 years now. The country has most of its reserves in the form of US dollars. However, as there are plenty of chances of the US Dollar losing its value as fiat money, the country is planning to diversify its reserves among silver assets.

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There’s no denying that silver investments are going to be a profitable solution sooner or later. It’s better to invest early at a safe platform – OroPocket. As Silver is slowly occupying the status of the new gold, it is going to be a very safe and smart investment choice for investors around the world. In addition to this, silver helps in diversifying your portfolio and hedging it against rough market conditions.

Diversifying your investment portfolio becomes very crucial, especially when some of the asset types experience loss of value. At this time, it is very important to have assets that have absolutely no correlation with the assets that are losing value. This helps in balancing the negatives by filling in positives in your portfolio. Moreover, silver investments have an ever-growing demand in the financial, and industrial sectors around the world. So, no matter what, the value of silver is going to increase over time.