Technology Driven HR Practices Of The New Era

A company thrives because of its employees. While various departments contribute towards the growth of an organization, the roles and responsibilities of HR can’t be ignored.

HR’s duties have doubled with technological advancement.

Everything has radically changed with the ascent of Big Data. With ongoing changes, HR is in a situation to carry numerous new changes to organizations. Lets discuss some of them.

What is Data Literacy?

Somebody who’s ‘HR data literate’ isn’t just ready to look at numbers and comprehend what they mean. Instead, they’re ready to assemble significant bits of knowledge and utilize the information to direct their HR measures.

To clarify this in a more informative manner, Data Literacy includes utilizing numbers as a trigger for noteworthy advances. By doing this, you’ll make a circular feedback loop that you can consider for data-driven improvement and emphasis.

HR examination is related to efficiency and productivity. One notable example comes from energy giant Chevron, which reported a 30 percent increase in productivity after rehauling its approach to HR analytics.

How is VR Application Used in Onboarding?

Virtual reality (VR) means a computer-created simulation in which an individual can communicate inside a counterfeit three-dimensional environment by utilizing electronic gadgets, for example, goggles with a screen or gloves fitted with sensors. VR permits new employees to find out about your organization’s way of life on their first day. Utilizing VR encounters, new workers can investigate an organization’s workplaces and access areas they shouldn’t access.

The few advantages of utilizing VR for your onboarding interaction are:

1. Present your organization in its best way 

When an employee begins working for an organization, the person likewise begins assessing everything. The fundamental concern is to confirm that they came to the best spot. By presenting your organization through virtual simulation, the onboarding cycle truly tells them you appreciate your employees. Since VR innovation isn’t free, they will see the value in it.

2. Onboarding turns into a great experience 

It has become famous that businesses attempt to gamify plenty of work measures just to make a casual environment and a wonderful conversation. It will look much more attractive and create a high structure assessment of you and the organization. All things considered, the dream is to accomplish something you love, so work doesn’t feel like work.

3. You are displaying the technological parts of your organization 

If you can utilize VR innovation during onboarding, you can do significantly more. This represents a good message to your future employees. They like to know whether they showed up at an organization with a splendid future and fascinating positions. Onboarding is a significant interaction since the new employees get acquainted with the organization’s staff, rules, learning the structure format, and substantially more.

4. Improved training capacities 

Most organizations use VR in a bigger number of circumstances than onboarding, specifically to train employees, make recreations in the creation stage and find out about the potential results of item lifecycle the executives. VR allows you to explore different avenues regarding various conditions and thoughts that, in any case, would not be conceivable.

5. VR permits you to make a novel encounter 

Even though onboarding is a significant interaction, it can get drawn out every once in a while. With VR, you can make a novel encounter and make this day extraordinary for each employee. To give you a model, you can have onboarding on a tropical seashore while sitting at the work area in your structure. Besides, workers can find out about the organization’s set of experiences by watching a short VR film that discusses as well as takes them through the historical backdrop of the organization.


It may not be pervasive, yet traditional organizations are quickly changing their work culture. They utilize the best practices in this season of social distancing to remain connected as a group on their objectives and thrive in the future.

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