The Turned Table of Recruitment – 2020

Uncertainty is faced by all the industries during the pandemic. Change is inevitable, and the previous year has forced all organizations big or small to either deal with it or sink. Organizations that are not rigid with their work culture and agile, will survive. The service industry is the only one that has emerged somewhat unscathed because it can leverage technology for remote working. The normal workday now consists of virtual meetings and calls.

Health-care industries are hiring at a very fast pace and the service industries benefited and hired tech-savvy candidates. Grocery and online retail are hiring at scale to meet demand. Coming to travel, restaurant, and hospitality industries, the pandemic has forced these industries to layoffs around the world.

What’s new about recruitment in pandemic?

For companies who are open to hiring, Virtual recruitment is a go-to technique to continue employing measures moving while at the same time securing recruiters and competitors.

The change might be difficult from the start but the HR professional picked up the speed. Initial telephonic screenings continue as before, however, the face-to-face interview has moved on the web. To accelerate time-to-hire, numerous organizations are offering competitors the choice of video interviewing at the earliest opportunity. While some are holding up until an in-person interview is conceivable, many dread losing the possibility to a competitor during the pause.

Organizations are more focused on e-employee branding. Appreciating your employees in an online space will create a brand of your own company. Potential talents will get to know more about your organization and the current employees will stay motivated during this pandemic.

AI & RPA (Robotic Process automation) used in recruitment

RPA can be used to:

  • Move information between frameworks: It can even move information from an accounting page into an advanced CRM platform, or from a heritage framework that does not have an API into a cutting edge framework.
  • Automate presents on specialty discussions: Not all online media locales have APIs for RMA(Recruitment marketing application) apparatuses to utilize. That doesn’t mean you’re stuck posting physically as RPA can get a move on by presenting on these destinations on whatever plan you arrange.
  • Set up another RM group: With a minimal effort of passage and quick set up occasions, RPA is an incredible method to get a little RM group up and working rapidly. Extraordinary for new businesses dealing with a tight financial plan.

 AI can be used to:

  • Chatbots: These apparatuses will permit your possible candidates to have their inquiries addressed whenever, all day, every day. They can be coordinated to additional assets on your site, have their chat moved to a human specialist (during available time, obviously), or even start the application cycle directly from the chat interface.
  • Initial screenings: Rather than making your human group check 100s or 1,000s of applications and resumes, have your AI specialist do it.

What’s challenging about recruitment in pandemic?

Firing or laying off employees. Instead of hiring new employees they are forced to fire their existing employees due to the pandemic crisis. According to recent research from global risk management and advisory firm Willis Towers Watson 42% of surveyed organizations have frozen or reduced hiring.

Some more examples of industries that faced challenges like entertainment (cinemas, theme park, casinos) business conferences and trade shows, manufacturers (those that haven’t received vital parts from China). Companies that are not well funded and are not able to digitize their organizations faced backlash.

But in 2021, the truth has been accepted and no time was lost to ensure that we remain associated with people and we are more focused on what we need to do now and later on.

Pandemic has not halted life however it halted the soul at first. The mantra for moving forward is to look for a wider picture, adapt accordingly and learn.