What Is the Experts’ Take On the Ongoing Silver Pump?

A lot of people are now talking about Silver Pump. The trend began with an infamous Reddit Group who called for short squeezing GameStop stocks, and the company’s share prices started touching the sky.

According to reports, the Reddit-Raiders have now called for short squeezing the Silver market. It was then it became a major topic of discussion.

While everyone is flooding twitter with their speculations over the Silver Bullion Market, we went on to look for the experts’ advice on the topic.

Ronan Manly – Precious Metal Analyst

On February 2nd, 2021, Ronan Manly shared his thoughts on the silver market via his YouTube channel. He answered the most prominent question circulating over the internet recently – “what are the most important things to look at in the Silver Market Currently?”

The tweet on his twitter handle sums it well.

Sahil Bloom —Investor, Advisor and Educator

Where Ronan perfectly explained the recent happenings in the Silver Market, Sahil had a different perspective to it.

Sahil Bloom shared an entire thread on his twitter handle explaining the week’s market spectacle seemingly well in the silver market.

David Hunter – Contrarian Macros Strategist

While everyone believes that there’s a Reddit short squeeze behind the surging price of the $SLV, David Hunter asked everyone to ignore this fact, while still being very optimistic about the upcoming price surge.

Michael Maloney – GoldSilver CEO

Michael Maloney premiered a video on his YouTube channel that he also shared on his Twitter handle. The session was joined by Jeff Clark discussing What’s next for Silver?

Dani Burger – Author at Bloomberg

According to her market knowledge, she had a better understanding of Silver crashing on February 3rd, 2021.

But she seems to be really positive for the Silver’s upcoming performance which is yet to be seen.

To Dani, it looks like the Silver trading isn’t going to take a break anytime soon. She shared her insights.

Cameron Winklevoss – Gemini Founder

Even Cameron Winklevoss could be found taking interest in the Silver Market recently. His tweet says it all!

Jake Ducey – Gold & Silver Enthusiast

It was a few days ago when Jake Ducey tweeted about Silver coins. And he seems to be very confident on his part.

Fernando Pertini

Why Silver Squeeze became such a trending topic across the world?

It was interesting trying to find what experts think of the Silver market.

No doubt, the market has spoken on its own recently and has a lot to come up with. In just 3 days time, we were able to see many ups and downs in the market. There was a swing in people’s opinion as well.

Whether you are in favour or against the Silver Bullion Market, this is the trending topic that has taken the internet by storm recently. And a lot of people and experts seem to be positive about the market. Make sure you don’t forget to invest safely in 100% insured, Pure Silver with the OroPocket app. An ancient store of value brought to the palm of your hands.