Why are the prices of Gold and Silver rising?

Rising gold and silver prices

The fact that to be accepted by every one of us is the rising Gold or Silver prices rarely affect the buyers in the world. But we being a buyer must know the reasons behind rising Gold and Silver prices. If you keep the right track of this phenomenon, I am sure you will understand the best time to purchase and to sell gold and silver. Indeed, the sale of silver to we being a buyer is never a profitable affair. The king of metals-gold is considered as the best option of investment. And in time, gold helps you in several ways. Let’s look at the factors affecting the pricing of Gold and Silver.

Here are the lists of reasons for the rising prices of Gold and Silver.

  • Central banks of the countries, if they start accumulating gold reserves, automatically rates of gold rise high.
  • If the behavior of the investor fails to match up with the demand and supply of Gold and Silver, it automatically affects the prices of metals.
  • Trade tensions between the supplier countries.
  • Geopolitical level tensions
  • The best part of these metal prices is the positive price elasticity.
  • The metal of gold retains value
  • Compare to silver the metal of gold is a reasonable diversifier thus plays an essential role in Portfolio Management
  • Political instability also leads to a rise in the prices of gold and silver.
  • Precious metals are the best investment instrument as a hedge against currency devaluation and inflation.
  • The US and China trade war is the reason for soaring the prices of metal since the last half-decade.
  • The prices of gold and silver go high when people are not sure about the financial markets. For example the COVID-19 has taken the gold prices to the sky.


The pandemic watered to severe the trade relations between China and the US which means this year the metals will fetch high prices undoubtedly. Also, the returns from gold have never been a loss.

The rise and fall in gold and silver prices is the best way to understand the economies of the countries across the world. If the financial conditions of the world worsen, the costs of these metals will inevitably arise. The metals of gold have always treated as the diversified option of investment. Many families see gold as a risk-free investment. Being an owner and holder of the metal, you have the choice to sell it whenever you find an ideal situation.

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