Why Should You Invest in Digital Silver?

It comes as no surprise that Silver is one of the world’s most volatile commodities. But it seems like it will mount an attack on the record peak.

All these years, silver tends to be a precious metal that pulls in the most speculative interest. It has a long history of substantial percentage moves on the up and down.

A metal that has played an integral part for the millennia, a new era seems to be unfolding in 2021. The iShares Silver Trust ETF reports that it holds 100% of its $14.79 billion in net market, yet it is the leading exchange traded fund product.

Investing Demand for Silver

It seems like investing demand for Silver has gone up manifold since GameStop shone a light on this precious metal.

Silver prices have generated a buzz as short-squeeze targets earlier this month.

The standpoint is empowering and that could draw more investors to the Silver market. reports,

“Global demand for silver will rise to 1.025 billion ounces in 2021, its highest in eight years, as investors and industry ramp up purchases, the Silver Institute said on Wednesday, predicting that prices would rise. The coronavirus outbreak triggered a rush among investors to stockpile silver, which like gold is traditionally seen as a safe place to store money.”

Top Reasons for Why You Should Invest in Digital Silver?

Silver is a far more accessible precious metal to invest in. The lower price point makes it convenient for anyone around the world to enter this market.

Although, Silver seems to have a particular gravitas to it, yet it can still rise adequately on the market.

In addition, silver is globally recognized as an exchange of value. It is one of the few forms of real money since it can’t be printed on the paper nor given an artificial value.

Rather, it needs to be dug up out of the ground, mined and turned into a more useful shape.

Practical: Why Should You Invest in Digital Silver?

In spite of it being cheaper and more accessible investment, Silver is also a lot more practical to sell. Whether it the silver coins, bars or in digital form, there’s always a market to explore.

Global Demand

Silver buyers are found all over the world. In fact, silver has been used as a medium of exchange throughout the world in the past. Therefore, you can buy and sell silver anywhere in the world.

Manageable: Why Should You Invest in Digital Silver?

Silver makes it easier to liquidate in smaller stacks on one’s portfolio as well as mind. With digital Silver, it has become more than easy to manage how much needs to be purchased and sold to make ends meet.


One practical benefit is that since GameStop short-squeeze which ended up triggering Silver Pump, the focus of the majority of financial institutions has shifted solely to Silver. Now, this hints for the positive market, as Silver is a standard product for various industrial purposes.

Potential for High Price

If the demand for Silver keeps rising, then the government won’t be able to meet the people’s demand, which, in turn, would be a good news for investors as Silver’s price is likely to increase at such time.

Hedging: Why Should You Invest in Digital Silver?

Adding silver to your investment portfolio helps in hedging your portfolio against market downturns. It is because silver as an investment asset has very little or almost no correlation with other assets like stocks, cryptos, etc. Therefore, when other assets in your portfolio will lose value because of rough market times, silver will always be there to balance the negatives and keep your gains constant.


With the introduction of digital silver, the demand for silver is rising as almost each and every person is now able to buy and sell silver in any amount of money as they want. This clearly shows that the demand for silver is going to shoot up, leading to the rise in price against a limited supply.

Traditional Benefits to Buying Silver

You can attribute several key aspects as well as advantages to silver.

One can ascribe a few key viewpoints and advantages to Silver. It is appropriate to remember them, particularly when a potential investment is approaching.

  • Owning silver is counterparty risk since there’s no need for intermediaries to honour a contract.
  • Unlike most fiat currencies, stocks and bonds, Silver has never been defaulted on.
  • When it comes to using Silver for physical money, it remains more prevalent as compared to Gold.

New Way to Invest in Digital Silver

Well, there are a lot of investment options available out there in the market, ranging from insurance products, fixed deposits to name a few.

Still, a lot of people prefer to invest in precious metals like silver

The largest portion of the total demand for silver in India is from the industrial sector.

Investing in silver, in India, is so popular that there are a multitude of instruments to help people invest in them. And, these instruments can range from actually investing in it via the commodities markets.

Over the years, investing in precious metals i.e. is Silver, too has taken a new form.

Now, you can invest in Silver digitally with an amount as little as in your pocket right now, and that too, in a more convenient way.

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