What is a Silver Auto-invest Plan?

All of us have heard about Systematic Investment Plans or commonly known as SIPs as a popular tool to save money for the future. While Silver SIPs are popular for yielding good returns in the long term, there’s another term called Silver Auto-invest Plan or AIP. 

What sets AIPs apart from SIPs is the fact that AIP includes systematic investments in precious metals like silver. The idea behind creating such an investment plan is to help users get improved value of their investments rather than experiencing reduced value which usually happens in the case of short savings schemes such as Fixed Deposits and Recurring Deposits. 

In addition to this, the AIPs give good returns to the investors as the maturity period is less and the value of precious metals doesn’t face such considerable fluctuations in such a short amount of time. Is something about the Auto-Invest Plan grabbing your attention? Let’s prepare you to test the waters by knowing about the Silver Auto-invest Plan. 

What is a Silver Auto-Invest Plan?

A Silver Auto-invest Plan or simply AIP is a method of accumulating silver over some time by making incremental investments in silver at a pre-decided frequency. There are several platforms like OroPocket which are offering Silver AIPs with lots of additional benefits. All you need to do is select the desired amount and frequency of silver investments that you wish to make, set up auto-pay, and get started with the AIP. The Silver AIP in case of OroPocket ensures 100% safety of your digital assets. 

Silver Auto-invest Plan

How Can You Set Up a Silver AIP on OroPocket?

There are uncountable benefits of setting up a Silver Auto-invest Plan on OroPocket. So, let’s walk you through the steps of setting up a Silver AIP on OroPocket in five simple steps. 

  1. Download the OroPocket application on your smartphone and create your account. You will receive 1 mg of gold and 1 gm of silver as a welcome gift. 
  1. After registering yourself on our application, you will need to add your bank account details and complete the mandatory KYC verification. 
  1. Once you complete the KYC verification, you can choose the Silver AIP option in the mobile application. Select the amount that you wish to invest and the desired frequency of the investment (daily, weekly, or monthly). 
  1. Add the selected amount of money from your bank account to make the payment of your first AIP installment. 
  1. When the transaction completes, you will have successfully set up your Silver Auto-invest Plan with OroPocket. 

You can redeem your investments and transfer the money back into your bank account when the maturity period of your Silver AIP completes. 

Benefits of Setting up a Silver Auto-Invest Plan with OroPocket

There are numerous benefits of setting up your first Silver Auto-Invest Plan with OroPocket. Some of them are given below.

  • Our auto-invest plan is designed to accommodate all kinds of investors, the ones who have been doing it for years and would like to test something new, and those who are taking a first step toward investing. 
  • You can invest as much money as you want. However, our minimum amount of investment is $1.5 or INR 100. This is to ensure that our customers are gaining noticeable interest on their investments. 
  • There is no lock-in period to the money that you have invested. Your money is only yours at all points of time during the chosen duration of the AIP. You can withdraw your money anytime without any fee.
  • We have an Auto-mandate for the AIP so that you don’t have to worry about missing the next due date for your installment. You can easily set up auto-pay and invest in silver without any hassle.
  • With our ROI Calculator, you can calculate your returns from the Silver AIP to help you make an informed decision for yourself. We like to keep it transparent so that you know that you are taking the right step by investing in the Silver AIP by OroPocket. 
  • Most importantly, unlike other platforms, your investments on OroPocket are made in digital silver. This means that you don’t have to buy a locker to keep your precious metal and still worry about its theft. It is because the digital silver that you invest in, is very safely stored in our vaults. 
Silver Auto-invest Plan

Why Should You Invest in Silver?

When we talk about investments, it is always important to diversify the kind of assets that we invest in. It helps in balancing our investment portfolio and also in keeping us on our feet. Therefore, precious metals like Silver should also occupy a good space in your portfolio. Here are top reasons why you should start investing in silver right now.

  • Investing in silver helps in equalizing the losses that happen during the stock market crashes. As there are chances of geopolitical disturbances around the world, there are chances of economic crises. So, silver is bound to perform well as an investment asset in such cases.
  • If we look at the trends in the prices of silver, we will be able to notice that the prices of silver are rising and tend to reach higher levels in the upcoming time. Thus, it is best to start investing in silver right now. 
  • It is easy to buy and store silver as an investment asset. Also, with the concept of digital silver, it is all the most convenient to invest in silver while sitting at your home. 
  • Silver is cheaper than other precious metals and hence, makes investments in precious metals accessible to a wider audience from varying financial backgrounds. 


The Silver Auto-invest Plan is one of the most amazing and innovative ways to start investing. It can be one of the wisest steps that you can take because even if the times get rough as we can see for the last couple of years, you will not have to worry about the dropping value of your investments. This is because whenever there are financial or economic crises, the prices of precious metals rise considerably, keeping you in a safe haven with respect to investments.