Every millennial has a dream of achieving financial freedom as early as he/she can. Millennial has seen the rise of dot com era, collapse of financial sector in last decade and now facing the COVID 19 pandemic, which has impacted the persons and economies all around the world.

We have reached out to few industry leaders to get their views on “The easier ways for millennial to get financial freedom

Here are few thoughts we would like to share:

Ronnie Moas | Standpoint Research

Nomad | walked 10,000 miles across 83 countries | Israel | Insta ronnie_moas | crypto|stocks | Top 1% Rank vs 7,000 analysts 2009-2020

Millennial should start investing at an early age so that they can benefit from compounding returns. My best idea during the last four years has been Bitcoin (up 1,000%). I think it will jump by another 100%-200% in the next 18-36 months. Remember to be diversified and do not take a bet that you can’t afford to lose. Stimulus, ripple impact from corona virus, elimination of taxes, regulations and interest rates (at 0%) are artificially inflating the US stock market (and other international markets). That is one of many reasons I have for preferring Bitcoin. Silver & Gold have already jumped and are harder to value, so, again, BTC is my preference.

Paul Democritou

Sales/Marketing Guy! Video Producer, Blockchain Advisor, Author, Cancer Survivor & Marvel/#Bitcoin | https://pauldemocritou.com/

The easiest way to gain financial freedom is to get into an industry that has high demand and low supply. The blockchain industry has a massive demand for all kinds of skill sets not just programmers, but marketeers, video experts, influencers, accountants, lawyers, salespeople you name it. So getting into blockchain does not just mean buy bitcoin, but learning about it and placing yourself in the industry where you are valuable as your skills are required.

Jay Zhou | Co-founder Loopring.org

co-founder @loopringorg| @globalshapers
#bitcoin Former @PayPal @EYnews

The easier way for Millennials to get financial freedom, I believe is to be creative and adoptive. the world is created by the existing powerful people and system. they set up the rule for people to follow which will eventually benefit them only. So younger generations have to be brave and think out of the box. The resources are limited. you should not follow others. walk your own way and listen to your heart. Luckily, I have found my way in the crypto and blockchain industry. I believe the tech can revolutionalize the existing unfair financial system. all in all, my takeaway is to try something new, something that you are deeply in love with.

CoinMonks | A Non-profit Crypto Publication

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Bitcoin is a pathway to get financial freedom in a digital age. Bitcoin is the easiest and most accessible asset in the market, you just need a mobile and the internet connection to enter the financial markets. Removing all entry barriers is critical for adoption and innovation. Bitcoin (Crypto in general) will turn everyone into an investor.


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Millennial must recognize that the legacy financial system is unsustainable and make a concerted effort to venture into DeFi.”


These are general thoughts shared by them, these are not financial advice. Do your own research while investing in any asset classes. We would like to thank you all for sharing their thoughts.

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