The Future of Gold and Gold Investment

It was 3000 BC when the Gold was mined and came into existence. Ancient people moulded Gold in the form of coins, bars, ornaments to trade commodities.

In 600 BC, Gold got much value and a presence in the trading system as well. Traders across the globe used gold coins, silver coins to buy and sell services and seek opportunities.

This yellow metal has a significant and valuable history. It has its historical importance. Even now, Gold is considered a vital and the best lump sum investment plan option to refrain from recession and other losses.

Since this iconic metal exists even in 2021, incorporating great significance, there are questions held around the Gold that exists in the future and corresponding investment.

2021 has been an unpredictable year. The booming of the Cryptocurrency market followed by the Bitcoin market cap making all-time high, somewhere investors find cryptocurrency as a haven.

Where exactly the GOLD stands in comparison with the crypto market? What could be the possible future of GOLD? Let’s discuss!

Gold vs Cryptocurrency Market

Dogecoin has been an impulsive coin ever since the tweet of Elon Musk went viral. It has exceeded all its limits and turned investors into millionaires in a single month.

On the other hand, Bitcoin has been getting lots of attention and engagements post ATH of $63,000.

Gold, however, is moving parallel but hasn’t got much of the attraction lately.

The cryptocurrency market has held the realm as of 2021, turning investments into fortunes.

Well, it’s evident to find the sheer momentum inside the Cryptocurrency market since the prices fluctuate with time. However, the gold rates aren’t that volatile and don’t easily accelerate or decelerate within a day itself.

Gold Investment in 2021

Indeed, the metal never runs out of engagements. It can lose importance for a couple of hours, but eventually, it has natural and invincible properties that make it a good choice even in 2021.

  • 2020 and 2021 are all about the global epidemic. When all the markets were crashing and the prices were soaring down, the rates of Gold kept on rising, giving better returns.
  • Considering the Union Budget of India, the rates of Gold and silver hiked, and the demands boosted the prices of Gold and Silver.
  • India, the abode of the world’s second-biggest bullion market, reduced import duty to 7.5% from 12.5%, leading to huge traffic and buying Gold at this peak time.
  • US dollar values also play an essential role in international gold rates. Since there exist chances of the huge flow of dollars in the emerging market resulting in weakening in dollar rates, the gold prices could go up, creating a strong global market.
  • Since the economies have been retarding ever since coronavirus hit the world severely, there could be chances of US dollar printing that will fire up the inflation. And with this huge flow of dollars, the Gold will eventually boost.

Gold in the Next 5-10 Years

The market is well mature and well-established as well. Considering all the major facts that could hinder or boom the market growth, various analysts have declared the prophecy about Gold as the best lump sum investment plan.

The prices are expected to rise in the coming 5-10 years. Although the soaring would be slow, it will receive higher engagements indeed.

Since the gold market has been found immune to the global epidemic, it’s expected to rise even if the situation worsens. However, the prices could alleviate for a while but will gradually land in the profit section.

Analysts observed 2008 when there was a financial crisis. People went out of cash and employment. But what held the economy was the Gold as the best investment option in India that stabilised the system. The prices went down, and people bought after it plunged 31%.

Speculations are that Gold isn’t discovered in full and needs to be extracted to observe closely. However, there are traces of Gold on other planets and asteroids that hold a ray of positive light.

Last Note

Gold investment is expected to rise in the coming years. Well, it’s because of its robust properties, wide implementation, and positive mindset towards the yellow metal.

However, it’s ruled by several factors that have to fall under the requirements so that the prices can go up, turning small investments into a fortune. Indeed it’s a slow process, but it’s nonetheless a safe haven and a better long term investment with the best lump sum investment plans available. And countries like India, where Gold is passed on to the next generations, signify prosperity and hope for the future.

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