AMA Recap with Frontier’s Co-Founder

Naga: Could you give us a short introduction to what you did before starting Frontier.

Palash: Sure, so my background has been in Marketing and PR. Got started in Crypto back in 2017 worked for Singapore-based marketing company Talenta, then focused on PR, Branding, and Marketing for multiple projects.

Naga: Tell us about what is Frontier?

Palash: Frontier App is a DeFi Aggregator / one shop stop for DeFi. Users can track their DeFi Positions like Liquidity pools, Lending positions, CDPs, Staking, etc, and also manage their positions using one single App at one single place. Few things which highlight our product, compared to other Aggregators.

We do both DeFi protocol and Wallet aggregation. ( We integrate DeFi protocols natively in App, and also we aggregate mobile wallets such that, you can connect wallets + Frontier and do everything in one single place)

We are chain -Agnostic aggregator, most of the interface/ aggregator is only eth focused. we support defi across multiple chains.

Naga: Can you please share the major milestones of Frontier.

Palash: There’s lot of stuff we have shipped in past months.

  • Lot of integrations with partners — Yearn.finance, Compound, AAVE
  • Partnerships — OpenDeFi, Zilliqa, Bluzelle, and many more
  • Exchange listings — Huobi, OkEX, and MXC

Naga: Please explain the partnership between OpenDefi & Frontier.

Palash: OpenDeFi is playing an important role in bringing real-world assets on the blockchain. Frontier is a Go-to Mobile interface for DeFi. We will be working together in introducing Native Staking and OpenDeFi Suite to users.

Naga: How will the OpenDefi community be able to stake their $ORO with Frontier interface?

Palash: Native Staking is one of the most popular features used by our users and has attracted interest from a lot of projects. Users will have to connect mobile wallets with Frontier. ( Just like how users connect metamask with dApp on Desktop) the same flow. For example, The user holds $ORO in Trust Wallet —> connects Trust Wallet with Frontier —> Clicks staking -> Selects ORO -> Stake token directly from trust wallet using Frontier interface.

Community Member: According to the announcement, Frontier will support OpenDefi’s Yield Farming where users can stake $Gold or $Silver to farm $ORO tokens. Could you please throw more light on how this would actually work? I thought Frontier only supports Crypto, but I’m amazed to know that users can also stake Gold & Silver (to Farm ORO)

Palash: Sure, this is something which excites me as well! OpenDeFi is putting Real word assets on-chain. when you think of real word assets for me the first thing which comes to mind is Gold and other commodities. but Gold gets the attention. The Gold and Silver are tokenized on chain ( eth) user can store it in any ethereum wallet. connect the wallet with Frontier, Stake it, farm $ORO

Community Member: Why do you choose to build FRONT Token on ERC20 instead of other blockchain such as BEP2, TRC20…or your own chain while ERC20 platform is LESS scalable and very slow ?

Palash: We’re actually building on multiple chains, not all chains. ERC20 is the “canonical” version of the Frontier Token (FRONT) before we have our own chain, however, we also have SPL versions (you can provide liquidity (https://t.me/FrontierDotXYZ/172) into Serum DEX with FRONT already) and also TRC21 versions also. We’ll have more soon on other chains. We are also a cross-chain aggregator and are not too opinionated about one chain over another chain. Our job is to exist on all chains at once and try to capture the value and give value to all ecosystems that we operate in.

Community Member: What are the best and most loved features of FRONTIER? How is $FRONT scalable, What is the current $FRONT TPS?

Palash: We are not building a high tps blockchain. Frontier chain is a decentralized key management blockchain. we want to make the on-boarding process for folks outside of crypto much easy. Frontier Chain primary use-case decentralized key management and we are planning to build this using Cosmos-SDK.