On Monday 11 Jan at 21.00 IST, we are having our first Community Open Call with members of the internal team, the co-founders and YOU! ☎️

It’s not going to be anything formal, just a chill chat about how things have been so far, any questions or suggestions you have, and so on. We don’t want it to be rigid and formal, so basically we’ll just all get together and let things flow. 😊

Members of the OpenDeFi community, or anyone curious about what we’re up to at OroPocket—all are welcome!

Can’t wait to see you!

Here’s the link for the call invite:

UPDATED Meeting Link:


Meeting ID: 881 1605 3287
Passcode: 545466

See You!✨

Mark your calendar for the call. 11th January, 2100 IST!

Meeting ID: 470 641 8034
Passcode: 545466

Thanks for everything.

See you on the call. 🤟