Update for our awesome Ambassadors

Hi OpenDefi Ambassadors!

While this was uploaded to our TG already, we just wanted to leave it here on the blog as well so you can access it easily whenever needed.

Here’s an overview of the two big questions everyone’s had:

1) How are we going to keep track of the awesome work you’re doing?

2) How is the reward structure going to look?

First of all, let me just say—we appreciate each and every one of you. The aim from our end is going to be to reward as many ambassadors as possible, in as transparent a manner as possible. No, we’re not going to reward only the top 5. We’re going to be much fairer than that. Here’s how:

1) To make sure none of the work you do goes unrecorded, we’ve made this process as easy as possible.

Here’s a form.

It’s basically only two fields: you’ll fill in your TG handle and the link of whatever you just posted. We’ll handle everything else. 😊

This you’ll do as you post things. So, say you made a YT video.
1) You’ll be sharing JUST THE LINK on the upload group here on TG, and
2) Open the form and quickly post the link there too.

Note: PLEASE make sure you upload each and everything you post into the form, or we’ll miss it. We’ll only be able to track what goes in the form.

This is it from your end. We’ll handle the rest.

Now, once we have all this data about the killer content being made, the conversations you guys are fostering, and so on, we’ll make a leaderboard.

This leaderboard will be made public.

Using performance percentiles, we will make tiers.

A small fraction of people—those who basically signed up but didn’t do anything at all—we will not reward. (~ the bottom 10%)

Tier 2 will be up till 80th percentile. These will receive some rewards.

Tier 1 will be those above them. These will receive more rewards than Tier 2.

And there will be special, asymmetric rewards for the top 5.

All this info we will share with you, and the decisions of the team, while final, will be transparent.

This process will happen during the first week of every new month.

And that’s it!

We’ll keep working together towards building a brand we can all be proud of.

Thank you for joining us. Welcome. Let’s build.