Update on our Uniswap Listing

So as you all know, our Uniswap listing was to happen today.

However, upon the scheduled time, the Ethereum network faced a major outage.

In a time of excitement and raised emotions like this, the support and understanding our community showed, however, was amazing.

We monitored the situation and provided updates every 15 minutes.

Like we said, sure, emotions were heavy but people realised very soon that there was a large network outage that had nothing to do with our end.

Our team was constantly there, responding to our community. The founders replied to countless PMs on telegram as well. We NEED you to know we have got your back.

Update after update as things unfolded made it clear that this is a large outage and we can’t quite tell when things will normalise.

Thankfully, the Infura site is out for anyone to check, and people did: these are simply circumstances beyond our control.

At this point one of our larger concerns is that when things DO normalise, the fairness of our launch should still have its integrity.

And so instead of keeping you waiting in uncertainty, we have decided to postpone our Uniswap Listing.

Thank you for your patience, and your kindness.
We always, always have your back.

Updates soon, promise.

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