A short chat session with VUTV by Vijaybhoomi on “Why India wants crypto

Our co-founder Tarusha Mittal got interviewed by Kritika Padode on VUTV by Vijaybhoomi, youtube Channel which is a unique knowledge-sharing platform for the youth which brings together youngsters, educators, and parents on a common medium.

A short intro about Tarusha Mittal

Tarusha is the CEO and co-founder of Oropocket, which is a universal investment platform built on blockchain. Oropocket enables users to invest in fractional investment instruments for now Oropocket is offering vaulted gold and silver in India. She is also a founding team of Ethx- which is a first ether exchange in India. She is an award winning entrepreneur who has been in a tech space for nearly a decade and a podcast host also for – Living on blockchain.

The agenda for the discussion is “Why India wants crypto”

Our co-founder Tarusha Mittal has shared her views on “Why India wants crypto” with Kritika Padode.

A list of questions has been answered over this discussion.

What do you think will be the government of India policy on crypto currency in near future?

Why do you think we need a cryptocurrency in India?

Concept of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Oropocket?

Why crypto is not preferred among the peoples?

Is it a good idea to include crypto into your investment portfolios?

What are the good resources to learn more about blockchain and crypto?

How much cryptocurrency are fair during this Corona Pandemic?

Which crypto is more stable among thousands of crypto available in the market and how to choose right crypto for investment.

How is the cryptocurrency valuation carried out and how it is different among other cryptos

Is there any privacy issue while investing in cryptos

Is it possible to hack blockchain

Tokenisation of real assets

Why there is a need to include blockchain in our educational institutions.


This knowledge discussion has cleared many doubts among the people by which we look at ownership of assets and giving people access to their own assets. This discussion will bring the major shift in the landscape of blockchain and crypto.

You can also watch the full discussion over YouTube as well: https://youtu.be/KzUtMVwqOJk

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