As more and more blockchain networks are coming in so there is a need for sharing and interoperability between different networks. Nowadays projects from DeFi and NFT’s spaces are choosing Polygon network and users are also want their favourite projects on Polygon too. So the bridging of projects into different blockchain is required.

UFarm is now on Polygon (Matic) network

Contract address: 0xa7305ae84519ff8be02484cda45834c4e7d13dd6

Trading of $UFARM is now live over Dfyn Network

Polygon network bridge is the safe, fast, and most secure way to bring cross-chain assets to the Polygon chain. In this blog, we will move our $UFarm token to Ethereum mainnet to Polygon network with ease.

Move $UFarm from Ethereum to Polygon (Matic) Network

Kindly visit and connect your favorite wallet. In this guide we are using Metamask.

After connecting your Metamask wallet with Polygon (Matic) wallet, you will get an overview of your dashboard over Polygon wallet as shown below.

Tap on “Move funds from Ethereum to Polygon” Here you will see the bridging page from Ethereum to Polygon.

Select UniFarm from the drop down list and enter the number of tokens you want to transfer to Polygon mainnet and then tap on transfer.

Notification window will pop up with announcement. Tap on continue.

Review the transaction details and confirm the same.

Confirm the transfer from Ethereum netowrk to Polygon network

Metamask pop up will appear requesting you to confirm the spend of your UFarm tokens

Approval of your request will take couple of minutes depending on network.

Once your spend of UFarm tokens will approve, tap on continue.

Verify the Metamask details and confirm the transaction. request.

Confirmation of your request will take couple of minutes.

After confirming your transaction you will see the transaction completed in your Polygon wallet as shown below.

Now you have successfully transferred UFarm tokens from the Ethereum Main chain to Polygon (Matic) Mainnet

Congratulations, now you can see your UFarm tokens in your Polygon (Matic) mainnet wallet.

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