UniFarm has had an incredible run so far. In a little over 5 months, we’ve had $15 Million crossed in All Time Value staked on the platform. 40+ partners including projects such as Polygon, PAID Network, JulSwap, Razor Network and many more have joined, and the feedback from the DeFi community at large has been fantastic, made clear by the holders of $UFARM increasing day by day. Tokens such as $ORO, $FRONT, $UMB, $HAPI and many more have been staked, and users have reaped insane APYs such as this user who earned 4600%+ APY.

We thought we’d write an article to look back at WHY the market has responded in such a positive way, and why we think this is only the beginning—not just for UniFarm but Staking and Farming in general.

Today, everyone hears these as mere buzzwords–Staking and Farming. Without a doubt, staking and farming protocols are changing the face of finance. Passive income opportunities such as these have not really existed for the average investor in any market, and crypto investors are beginning to realise that trading isn’t the only way to earn life-changing returns on your crypto holdings.

Popularized by DeFi protocols such as Aave and Compound, Staking has quickly become the option of choice in the erstwhile debate between traders and HODLers. Why is this so, and why do we think this trend is going to continue?

The answer is simple: staking solutions are the best at helping and incentivizing BOTH projects and investors.

Crypto Projects & The Demand-Supply Conundrum

Every single crypto project faces the demand-supply conundrum upon launch:

  1. Their token represents ALL of the assets of the company
  2. Investors are keen to sell and take profits
  3. Since most crypto projects are true startups building for the future, the use case for their token is often not going to come into play for a while, at least
  4. Incentives to HODL are few and far in between in a bull market, while in a bear run investors panic sell even though it often means losses
  5. Every project faces this problem of creating demand for a token that currently has limited use case outside of the profits to be taken—which can so far only be taken by selling, hurting the project.
    This results in a cascade of problems for projects:

Token Price Fluctuations

Though the crypto industry is now more than a decade old, it’s still in its nascent stage and growing at a good pace.

The recent price crypto plunge has given us a glimpse of how volatile the crypto market is.

With wild swings in investor sentiment as well as token price, the value reserves of each project are essentially unprotected—and their valuations can change by 100% in a matter of single DAYS. The lack of stability this makes project teams face is difficult to overestimate.

Sell Pressure

In bull runs, investors look to take profits. In bear runs, they panic sell, even though this often means losses.

The fact remains that it is humans trading and investing, and emotions get the best of even the most experienced investors.

Added to this, is the fact that the true use cases of most tokens are either far into the future, or not seen as enough of an incentive by most.

This means there is constant sell pressure for the token of each crypto project.

Pump-and-Dump Schemes

Due to the speculative crypto market, it’s hard to attract long term investors. Thus, Pump-and-Dump schemes become common, attempting to boost a token price via recommendations based on false and exaggerated statements.

This also hurts not only novice investors who buy into the hype and lose when the inevitable dump comes, but also the projects themselves.

The Solution

The solution is simple.

  1. Investors are constantly looking for as high a yield on their investment as possible
  2. Projects need to build a robust system that moves liquidity away from trading markets and eases sell pressure
  3. Token utilities need to be sought out and created to incentivise investors to HODL

UniFarm is an attempt at solving these problems not just for our projects and tokens $ORO and $UFARM, but the entire ecosystem.

UniFarm is one of a kind staking solution where the best projects in DeFi space come together to provide value to investors. UniFarm allows you to stake one token but earn multiple high-value tokens, so in addition to a great APY, your returns are automatically diversified as well.

Benefits that UniFarm Offers to Investors

  • Users can stake any one or more of their holdings from the tokens available in the pool.
  • There’s no lock-in. Users can unstake anytime.
  • These holdings can be utilised in a non custodial manner- UniFarm enables users to be able to connect to their Metamask wallet, Trust Wallet or CoinBase Wallet.
  • The UniFarm Pools last for a stipulated number of days and we have multiple projects coming in for consecutive farms.
  • A Minimum APY is guaranteed, meaning investors do not have to fear losing out in any kind of value appreciation.
  • The principle is completely safe.
  • All this happens on a 100% decentralized platform

Benefits that UniFarm Offers for Projects

  • It creates demand for the token of each project involved in the cohort.
  • It reduces the trading supply, by removing a certain amount of liquidity from the trading markets.
  • They get good exposure to new projects in the space.
  • It eases the sell pressure.
  • It creates long-term holders for the projects.
  • Investors are incentivized to hold their tokens for a long period of time, as this increases their accrued rewards.

How Does UniFarm Work?

By far, there have been 13 cohorts for UniFarm, and all of them proved to be successful, one after the other. UniFarm is the place where you stake your holdings and get maximum APY after the Cohort concludes. We have shared a few stories with you where users earned staggering returns for their investments.

This is a one of a kind platform where several high-quality projects come together to create a common token pool for investors to farm from.

The incentive program is designed to offer value to investors, where they stake one token and get to earn all the others available in the pool.

It’s simple. You stake one token and farm all the others available in the pool. Let’s take an example: You stake $UFARM token in the UniFarm pool.

The first WEEK, you farm $UFARM

The second WEEK, you farm $UFARM and $NTVRK

The third WEEK, you farm $UFARM, $NTVRK and $STACK

The fourth WEEK, you farm $UFARM, $NTVRK, $STACK and $LPOOL

The fifth WEEK, you farm $UFARM, $NTVRK, $STACK, $LPOOL and $TBC

And so on.


UniFarm is a one of a kind staking solution that is far superior to any other staking solution available to users. It is a win-win for both investors as well as projects where they can come and join hands to get value.

In addition, UniFarm is the best bet for projects and investors in the bear market too. It enables users to generate a passive income on tokens that they are holding on. This also means that investors stay staked for longer, building demand for the projects involved in the available Cohort.

UniFarm is a one of a kind staking solution where the best projects in DeFi space come together to provide value to investors. UniFarm allows you to stake one token but earn multiple high-value tokens, so in addition to a great APY, your returns are automatically diversified as well.




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