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What Are the Best Investment Plans For Housewives?

In today’s society, women must be able to attain a feeling of financial equality and independence. Along with seeking high-powered professions and being a vital constituent of a workforce, one must consider long-term financial stability. And, by making the appropriate investment, this idea may be expanded on. There are many investment choices and plans available in India that provide long-term advantages to female investors. However, knowing how and where to invest one’s hard-earned money is essential. Since I have already caught your attention, let’s have a look at the best investment plans for housewives.

Considerations Before Choosing an Investment Instrument

Here are some of the important things to consider while choosing the best investment plans for housewives:

Financial Objective

When it comes to investment planning, the most fundamental but also most essential element is the financial goal. Do you plan to save for retirement? For a child’s higher education? To purchase a home? Before pursuing the various choices, one must keep their objectives in mind. For example, if a person is planning his or her retirement, he or she would choose a plan that provides long-term, consistent income.

Investment Horizon

The second consideration is how long you want to remain invested—what is your investment horizon. According to this criterion, there are plans accessible that are categorized as Long-Term, Short-Term, and Medium-Term investments.

Tax Advantages

The vast majority of investors seek alternatives that not only save them money but also provide tax advantages. In such a situation, you should compare several tax-saving investments and choose one of the best investment plans for housewives that provides you with the best of both worlds.

Investing Risks

Some investment instruments, particularly those that are market-linked, such as Mutual Funds and NPS, are subject to some level of risk. Risk tolerance varies from person to person. One must avoid investing quickly in assets that provide greater returns and pay close attention to the degree of risk associated with each investment choice. Also, before investing your money in any scheme, consider your risk tolerance.


Last, but certainly not least, how much will your assets grow? Of course, there is no benefit in investing in a scheme that will not provide you with acceptable profits. Review the historical returns, performance, and other various variables before finalizing an investment plan to understand how and to what degree your assets will increase in the future.

Infographic: Unlocking the Power of Women in Investing

Don’t Just Save, Also Begin ‘Investing’

Housewives have long shown their ability to save even on a limited household budget. They are endowed with excellent financial management abilities. They understand how to store in little amounts and accumulate a huge amount of it. But now it’s time to take the next step. You know how to save; the next step is to learn where to save. So, which investment gives the best returns? Instead of saving in piggy banks or home lockers, you may choose a far more lucrative option known as investing in digital Gold.

You only need to invest a certain amount to benefit from market-linked returns. You are free to spend this money as you see fit. One of the reasons most women do not invest their savings is because they do not want their money to be locked in. The notion of investing money without the ability to easily liquidate it is just unsettling. Any such worries may be avoided by selecting the appropriate investing platforms. So don’t be concerned that digital Gold will lock up your money or you may redeem your Gold investments at any moment because with OroPocket you can use your assets to pay via UPI.

Purchasing Gold is always seen to be a smart financial choice for Indian women. Although gold prices are not set, it may be considered a secure long-term investment. You may start with a 5-gram gold and gradually raise your investment to 50 grams in 10 years and 100 grams in 20 years.

There’s one more avenue that women should explore – crypto. Women who invest in cryptocurrencies have enormous potential in the field of financial technology. And there’s a lot more gold to be struck (quite literally) if more women shift their focus and interest to purchasing digital assets – the future of capital and monetary exchange.

To know more about how women are stepping up the game by moving swiftly towards the digital side of things read about AIS 2021: OroPocket Co-founder Tarusha Mittal Speaks on Tokenism and Web 3.0.

Men vs. Women - How the Sexes Differ in Their Psychology of Investing  (Survey)

Obtaining Financial Independence Through Cryptocurrency?

Earlier this year, reports showed a 1400 percent increase in the market share of female crypto investors and traders – the emergence of a female crypto class so to speak. Women investing in cryptocurrency is a wonderful juxtapose in a world where males continue to dominate the financial sectors. Women are dependents in many countries, none more so than in India relying on traditional investment plans for housewives.

E-currency and cashless transactions are possible in the crypto sector thanks to nodes that link to a digital blockchain network. The benefits of an open system over a black box are several, ranging from providing users with anonymity and transparency to lowering the risk of counterfeit money, making money monitoring easier, and removing the need for a centralized finance authority.

Younger women, those earning Rs 30 lakh or more per year – are gravitating toward high-risk, high-return investments. Bitcoin has described this as a “bullish” attitude that lesser men prefer to adopt. Women from all age brackets whether working professionals or housewives should start investing in digital assets. So, how should one go about investing?

The usual guideline that experts encourage newcomers to follow is the 10% rule, which states that just 10% of a person’s net worth should be invested or exchanged in cryptocurrency; no more. Because the sum is not large, any losses will not be felt too deeply. Reading and study more about crypto is required.

Despite the assertion that “crypto is here to stay,” there is still skepticism among the general public. Because of the absence of central controls, the common worry is, “If people are deceived, where will they go to collect their money?”

An “identity solution” may bring about a revolution in the crypto world, pointing to the need for development. As soon as you connect to a crypto/blockchain infrastructure, it creates a unique ID for you – similar to an ID locket. The answer is to control that identity“and then dictate the when, where, and how.” Not just on cryptocurrency and blockchain, but across the whole internet.

Final Word

Every housewife needs to be financially literate and prudent. This will give you financial independence and improve your self-esteem. So, before selecting the best investment plans for housewives, one should consider their risk tolerance, return needs, and time horizon. Homemakers have superior knowledge of the market since they know which brand and/or business is doing well because they are the primary consumers of the majority of the goods available. Along with this diversification should be a key priority. This will aid in achieving a balance between risk and reward.

Now all you have to do now is get started. And remember, if you get stuck in your financial planning process, we are here to help in any way we can. Also, don’t forget to read: How to invest in digital Gold?